Luxury Suite, 40 sq.m.

Iris or Irida is a delicate delicate flower that has the power to magnetize with its playful colors and manage to attract our attention and admiration, the three petals of the iris are upright and are said to symbolize faith, courage and wisdom .
The flower “Iris” was named after Hippocrates, in honor of the ancient Greek goddess Iris, who proclaims the will of the Olympic gods to humans.
In Greek mythology, Iris was a minor winged deity of Olympus (in the form of angels in Christianity). It carried messages from heaven to earth in a vaulted path making the rainbow like a colorful bridge.
From there remained the word iris which means “eye of heaven”.
This name was also given to the colored part of our eyes, perhaps because each of us carries with him a piece of sky.
It is the symbol of idea and communication.

The iris in Feng Shui teaching symbolizes a life that does not know old age, eternal youth. In addition, it is a symbol of hope and faith. This is why these flowers perfectly harmonize the space in the living room where the family gathers. Iris blue is the color of focus. Helps to achieve high goals and ambitions.

Depending on their color, irises convey a variety of messages.


  • the blue faith and hope
  • the pink ones express admiration
  • yellows represent passion
  • the white ones symbolize purity

Iris the wonderful flower of the goddess of the rainbow is the name of the place we chose to bloom our warm hospitable embrace, which we open on the days of your carefree vacation ….. and which of course is the name we gave to our suite .

A comfortable space of 40sqm that has a living room fireplace and column – whirlpool for moments of absolute calm and relaxation. The space is designed so that it can accommodate from 2 to 4 people, as it has 1 double bed and a folding sofa.


Double bed   Double sofa – bed   Herbal Care Products   Hair dryer  Sea and mountain slope views      Upstairs (accessible only by stairs)    Free WiFi  Clothing items  Shower cabin – whirlpool   Refrigerator    Electric kettle    Outdoor furniture  Balcony  Flat Screen TV  Daily cleaning Heating     Air conditioning    Security box    Free parking    Fireplace (subject to availability)

Double bed

Double sofa – bed

Herbal care products

Hair dryer

Sea and mountain slope view

Upstairs (accessible only by stairs)

Free WiFi

Clothing items

Shower cabin – whirlpool


Electric kettle

Outdoor furniture


Flat Screen TV

Daily cleaning


Air conditioning

Security box

Free parking

Fireplace (subject to availability)




Excellent stay modern design in earth tones