Junior Suite, 20 sq.m.


Lilies ή Lilium

The lilies date back to 1580 BC, when their icons were discovered in a villa in Crete, these majestic flowers played a major role in ancient mythology. Their name comes from the Greek word “leiron, the lily was worshiped by the Greeks and they believed that it sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods.
The white lilies symbolize purity and virtue and were the symbol of the purity of the Virgin Mary and her role, the queen of Angels. The 30th flower for the wedding anniversary
Our room named Lilium is a junior suite 20sqm. It has an ethereal and romantic mood that is an ideal proposal for a couple of newlyweds, while at the same time maintaining the Pelion architecture with the windows, it offers a flashback to yesterday, tying it so harmoniously with today. Features a spa bath and a wonderful sea view ….
The guest house has 2 Junior Suites, one of which provides a spa bath and the second provides a fireplace for enjoyable winter nights



The “grass of God” is called… louiza!
At first you will be enchanted by the small flowers that adorn this beautiful deciduous shrub, sometimes white, purple or light green.
Then, your sense of smell will capture refined lemonades to pleasantly cool the space, while when you boil its lanceolate green leaves, you will taste on your palate a pleasantly sour taste that will give you well-being.
The beautiful Louiza is a medicinal flower that takes care of our good health in many ways, as a decoction or oil, since both its flowers and its leaves are very beneficial for the human body.
Our Louiza is JUNIOR SUITE a room of 20sqm with aromas from nature warm and romantic has a fireplace in a warm corner that consists of a small living room. It has a sofa that converts into a bed and there is the possibility to accommodate a 3rd person.




King size bed with anatomical mattress  Sofa bed (single)   Sea and mountain slope view    Upstairs Herbal care products  Hair dryer   Free WiFi    Clothing items    Jacuzzi  Refrigerator  Electric kettle  Outdoor furniture  Balcony  Flat Screen TV  Daily cleaning Heating  Air conditioning  Free parking  Security box  Fireplace (subject to availability)

King size bed with anatomical mattress

Καναπές – κρεβάτι (μονός)

Sea and mountain slope view

Herbal care products

Hair dryer


Free WiFi

Clothing items



Electric kettle

Outdoor furniture


Flat Screen TV

Daily cleaning


Air conditioning

Free parking

Security box

Fireplace (subject to availability)





Excellent stay modern design in earth tones