Double room, 14 sq.m.

Decorated with earth tones, the double room of 14sq.m. provides the ability to accommodate up to 2 people and offers mountain and sea views. Some rooms have a fireplace, which offers romantic moments on cold winter nights.


The word Althea is etymologically derived from the verb Althaino and Althexis, which means healing.

The botanical name of mallow comes from the Greek word altho which means “heal”

It is known from the ancient Greeks while during the Turkish occupation it was used by practitioners for lung diseases and intestinal inflammations and was also cultivated in the gardens of the monasteries in the Middle Ages.

Our Althea is a double room 14sqm with fireplace and view of the beautiful sea, ideal for the romantic days of a couple in winter and summer.


It symbolizes the expectation, the ephemeral, the transient, the simplicity, but also the loneliness hence the expression: “alone like the anemone”.
Only the life of this flower lasts a little. When the wind blows it makes the buds of the plant bloom and then another wind blow blows the petals away.
So this flower was named anemone or wind flower because the wind helps its flowering and its decline.
The Message of the Anemone for us is…
Keep your eyes on the future and do not neglect these or those you love.
Our Anemoni is a double room with a view to the wonderful sea and the unique nature of Tsagarada …


The ancient name of the plant is Nymphaea which comes from the Greek word Nymph.

The flowers of the water lily are radial and emerge from the central stem of the plant.

In our floating water lily …. a separate living and relaxing environment is formed for two people overlooking the nature and the sea of Tsagada.


Double bed   Mastic Spa care products  Hair dryer  View of the sea and the mountain slope  Upstairs (accessible only by stairs)    Free WiFi  Clothing items  Shower – hydromassage column   Refrigerator    Electric kettle      Outdoor furniture    Balcony    Flat Screen TV  Daily cleaning Heating  Air conditioning  Free parking  Fireplace (subject to availability)

Double bed

Mastic Spa care products

Hair dryer

View of the sea and the mountain slope

Upstairs (accessible only by stairs)

Free WiFi

Clothing items

Shower – hydromassage column


Electric kettle

Outdoor furniture


Flat Screen TV

Daily cleaning


Air conditioning

Free parking

Fireplace (subject to availability)



Excellent stay modern design in earth tones