Tsagarada and the wider area of ​​eastern Pelion, is the ideal place for hiking trails, in cobbled streets and paths that are lost in the chestnut and beech forests.

Come and enjoy the joy of hiking together, knowing the history and tradition of the area, in an ideal environment flooded with greenery and with the blue of the Aegean illuminating and traveling our gaze.

Take the paths we suggest or come and shape your hiking desires together.

Mountain bike

Bike Or Hike is a family business that deals with sharing its passion for mountain biking, for walking in Pelion, for exploring, for an alternative and gentle approach to tourism with other people from all over the world with ideas and concerns.

Based in Pelion, we specialize in renting mountain bikes and the necessary equipment. We do not complain that we discovered the world, but we love what we do, which is nothing more than living, riding a mountain bike, walking, spending the night, and tasting the mountain we are lucky enough to live in, Pelion. This is exactly what we want to share with other people!






We are a family business in Tsagarada that offers quality hospitality equipment in incredibly amazing paddle seats.

We offer kayak guidance and SUP day trips to nearby small and beautiful beaches along the coastline of East Pelion, one of the best rowing destinations in Greece.

Also to provide information for hiking that you may need for the old cobbled paths and routes of our area, cooking lessons from authentic Greek in Pelion cuisine and other recreational or educational activities. We look forward to your visit to Pelion.

An area with the rare combination of mountain and sea. The mountain of the Centaurs (halfman / halfhorse) was the summer resort of the gods of Olympus. Today it has become one of the best places to visit all year round, without mass tourism.


In Tsagarada, horses wait on a small farm in the olive groves of lemons and oranges, near the sea, just five minutes from the main square of the village. Beautiful, clean and tidy are waiting for the guests.

Their owner is a native of the area and consequently knows all the paths and traditional cobbled streets for both the routes to the sea and those to the mountain.

Riders will be impressed by the beauty of the area, will pass between olive groves, orange groves and rivers, will visit the semi-mountainous areas of Pelion to admire the view to the Aegean Sea, and will run with their horses by the sea, in the beautiful beaches of the area.





The options available are many, as the areas of Pelion are offered for exciting walks but also more relaxed for those who want to enjoy a quiet route.

With the required safety, start riding with your friends or make a romantic course in the beautiful parts of Pelion.

Slowly and always accompanied by the owner, we climb the mountain, to the small church of Mount Athos and the springs.

By riding you will get closer to nature and you will get to know its beauties in this impressive and original way. If you are more adventurous choose an inaccessible area to ride and it will definitely be an exciting experience.

Equipment – Clothing…

Saddles are mainly used on excursions, but there is the possibility of placing a saddle for beginners. Rider clothing should be comfortable. For this reason we advise our riders to wear pants and shoes with small heels.




During your stay in Pelion, you can hurry to some of the gorges of Pelion and you will understand that they stand out from the other gorges in three places. They stand out because of their vegetation, their outings-endings to beautiful beaches and of course, because of the myth of the Centaurs that are hidden in them. The combination of canyoning and swimming in the sea is a rare phenomenon! The most wonderful routes for canyoning are 6 and especially in Tsagarada, Xourichti, Zagora and Lambinou.
The gorges are those of Mega Galanorema, Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Damouchari, Limnionas and Lambinos. All the gorges end up on beautiful beaches!
The gorges of the Centaurs, in combination with the geomorphology of the area are a challenge! The wonderful view of the Aegean during the descent into the gorges, the beautiful nature and the enchanting beaches will enchant you and will satisfy you. The beautiful beaches of eastern Pelion were the destination of the mythical Centaurs, where they arrived there after crossing the gorges!


In Pelion and especially in Tsagarada in the mythical mountain of Centaurs you can combine your getaways with Yoga sessions so that you can reap all the benefits of the mountain energy and the magic of the sea, along with the well-being, the relaxation, the release from physical and mental tensions that yoga sessions will offer you ..






Experiential seminars, botany, hiking are done with Maria Zafeiriou. They can be done in combination with Yoga.


On the outskirts of Pelion, in the center of the city of Volos are the facilities of the Zoumbosub diving school. The school offers training programs of PADI, the largest international certification body for divers, and is distinguished by 5 stars due to the high quality of service. It is also evaluated annually and maintains certification by BUREAU VERITAS to meet the requirements of national diving standards.